How to manage curly hair in 7 simple steps

The summer heat can ruin curly, frizzy hair. Summer is coming, and one thing will happen whether you like it or not: frizz! No matter the weather, you should always continue styling your hair how you want. Your hair can be as smooth as it is on your best days. Here are some haircare tips to protect your unique locks from summertime madness.

  1. With deep conditioners, you would feel thirsty if your body needed water, so does your hair need moisture and hydration. Dry hair in summer attracts moisture from the air, which makes the hair puffy. Condition your hair to hydrate dry hair. It also coats the shaft of hair and locks out moisture. Follow our hair care tip!
  2. Haircut matters
  3. Your hair will fall flat if it is too long. Add layers to your hair and cut a few inches off. You’ll get a great haircut that will dry beautifully.
  4. Use the right shampoo.
  5. Dabur Vatika black olive and almond shampoo will condition and calm your hair. It nourishes hair with the goodness of almonds and olives.
  6. Oiling your hair with Dabur Almond Oil
  7. The oil contains fatty acids that coat your hair shaft, keeping it healthy and protected. Dabur Almond Oil protects hair from damage caused by hair dyes, flat irons, and hair dryers. This gives your hair a smoother and healthier look.
  8. Style your hair while it is still wet.
  9. To manage frizz, use a serum or gel while your hair is still wet. You know, if you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, that frizz will appear as soon as your hair begins to dry. Think one step ahead to avoid the frizz halo.
  10. Blot hair dry until it is scorched
  11. Dry your hair thoroughly without leaving any damp patches. The slightest moisture will cause frizz as soon as you step out. You should style your hair in an air-conditioned room, as a humid bathroom can work against you.
  12. Do not touch your hair.
  13. Frizz is caused by repeatedly touching your hair. Avoid brushing frizz-prone locks, as this will cause them to puff up. Use our haircare tip instead and use your fingers to comb through in the shower.


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