What does your hairstyle say about you?

Every new era brings a new trend in hairstyles. In the past, you could see long, straight hair everywhere. Long, lustrous hair with streaks was around. Now, women are more likely to be seen cutting their hair. The world has changed. Indian women are becoming more daring and progressive, trying different hairstyles, colors, and shapes. Your choice of hairstyle can have a significant impact on how you feel about yourself.

What message does your gorgeous hair send? You can translate your hair with these tips.

The length

Long, straight hair is widely considered the most elegant and stylish style. Men find long hair more appealing and captivating than short hair. In addition to being very popular, long, shiny hair is also associated with youth and fertility. Women with medium-length hair are regarded as intelligent and friendly, while short hair is highly contested. Some view Short hair as masculine, but others think it shows a confident and outgoing woman. Another study found that a short haircut reveals a confident and outgoing woman. Here are some tips on hairstyles to consider!

The color

Women who wear bold, bright colors convey that they are unique, confident, and fun. Blond hair is a popular color for women, but it’s no longer seen as a young, vibrant color.

The Cut

When it comes to flicks or bangs, the side-swept style is considered as being the most basic and gives a classic look. This style is suitable for professional, career-oriented, and motivated women. They can still be playful and youthful. The “high-fashion” option is the blunt bangs. These bangs can make people stand out by projecting their individuality and sending a strong message. You probably didn’t consider this hairstyle when you went for your haircut.

The texture

Regardless of their hair texture, women with curly and wavy hair are seen as more approachable. Women with curly or wavy hair are seen as the most approachable and likable. Carrying your natural texture without any treatments is considered sexy. Women with poker-straight hair are seen as being less expressive with their hair. They also appear more professional and efficient.

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