How to Do a Hair and Scalp Detox

If you are new to scalp detoxing or have been doing it for some time, this guide will help you learn how to do it at home. Detoxing your scalp can also benefit your hair since our scalps and hair are closely connected.

What is Scalp Detox Treatment?

To get a truly clean scalp, you need to reset it. A scalp detox is an excellent old-fashioned exfoliation. It refreshes the scalp and removes impurities like dirt, pollution, and product buildup. You will need to work a bit, but the results are worth it, especially if you like a good exfoliation.

Signs that You Need to Detox Your Scalp

What are the signs that your scalp needs detoxification? Here are a few signs that you may benefit from a deep cleanse:

1. Itchy or inflamed scalp

2. If you have dandruff or bumps on your scalp, this is a sign of a problem.

3. You have dull and limp hair

4. You have excess oil in your hair

5. You may have a bad smell on your scalp or hair

6. Try out new products on your hair frequently

7. You only wash your hair occasionally

8. The seasons have changed

9. Your scalp should feel energized and invigorated.

How to DIY Scalp Detox (3 STEPS for all types of scalps)

Want to know how you can detoxify your scalp at home yourself? Here’s how to clean your scalp and remove residue.

Step 1

After applying an anti-buildup product, use your fingertips to massage tiny circles on your scalp. Fructis Clean Hair Reset Scrub is a micro-exfoliant formula that provides up to 96 hours of clean hair.

Step 2

Use a shampoo that contains aloe vera or citric acid, such as Fructis Purified Clean Hair Reset Clarifying Conditioner. This will remove residue up to 100 percent.

Step 3

Finish your scalp detox regimen with a conditioner free of buildup, such as Fructis Pur Clean Hair Reset Hydrating Conditioner. This conditioner moisturizes and softens the hair without weighing it down, giving you up to 96 hours of freshness. After conditioning, apply the Fructis Clean Hair Reset Hydrating serum.

How often should you detox your scalp?

It’s great to detox your scalp but only do it twice a week. Scrubbing your scalp too much can strip the natural oils from it and worsen the condition.

Scalp Detox For Curly/Textured Hair

It would help to find the right balance between over-cleansing your hair and under-cleansing it. Curly hair is benefited by the natural oils produced on your scalp. Got questions? See our guide on How often you should wash curly hair.

It can be challenging to reach your scalp if your hair is thick or has a tight curly pattern. Use clips to section your hair, and then use a pointed nose bottle to apply your favorite scalp detox product. Massage with your fingertips.

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