How to brush hair correctly

Do you brush your hair correctly? There is a correct way. You might not be a master at this skill, even if you have been doing it for many years. Discover the best way for you to brush your wet or dry hair!

Most people need formal instruction on how to brush their hair correctly from an early age. Why? It’s probably because brushing your hair is a pretty simple task. Take a brush and run it through your locks. Right? Not really. Truthfully, there is more to untangling hair than simply combing with any old brush. But don’t panic. Here’s how to properly brush your hair. Discover what you might be doing wrong and correct it before you cause more damage!

The technique for brushing hair

Brush your hair from the root to the tip. Your hair is already in a bad state! Hair can be broken if you pull hair from the sources to the ends. To remove hair tangles, we recommend working up the strand slowly in small sections using short strokes. This technique is much more efficient at preventing unwanted hair-problem-damaged hair and breakage.

How to Brush Wet Hair

Wet hair is more fragile and can snap when brushed. As such, brushing hair in a dry state (guide-to-detangling-curls) is recommended. Letting your hair air-dry after showering may be necessary before you begin to comb. There are several ways you can brush wet hair to reduce damage.

1. Towel-dry your hair before brushing. Use a microfiber cloth to remove as much water as possible before brushing. You can earn bonus points by letting your hair air dry for 10 minutes.

2. Use a hair-detangling product. Use a detangling product to smooth out hair before brushing. Try Garnier’s Whole Blends Miracle NectarMiracle Frizz Tamer treatments, or Fructis Pur Clean Detangler and Air Dry treatment.

3. Choose the right brush. There are even hair brushes that are specifically designed for wet hair. These brushes are often made with flexible, thin bristles, which are gentler to the hair and help detangle it without pulling. Some meetings allow air to pass through them as you comb. This helps to dry the strands. Invest, invest, invest. On wet hair, a wide-toothed brush is also an option.

How to brush hair that’s dry.

Dry hair is more resistant to damage, so you can use a variety of brushing techniques. If your hair needs to be curly, follow the above procedure. Brush curly hair only when it is dry. Use a detangling product to ease the process.

You can choose from various hair brushes when you brush dry hair instead of wet hair. Consider a paddle brush if your hair is straight, wavy, or curly. Although it is best to detangle the hair from the tips to the ends, all hair types will benefit from applying natural oils to the scalp and down the hair strands. This can make hair look naturally lustrous and smooth. Make sure that the bristles of your brush are soft. This will help to prevent snagging.

Avoid brushing your hair too much. Counting every stroke of the brush until you reach 100 is overkill. Focus on the brushing quality instead to ensure you address all hair tangles, knots, and snags without damaging your hair.

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