The Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Round Face Shapes

Your eyebrows are an essential part of your facial features. They can either make or break the look you want to achieve. It is up to you how you want your eyebrows to look, but you must keep your face shape in mind. This article discusses the best styles and forms of eyebrows to suit round faces.

The round face makes your features appear broader, flatter, and more rounded. You can enhance your features and give them more depth by using well-groomed and precisely shaped eyebrows. Here is a guide to help you shape your eyebrows. Continue scrolling!

The Best Eyebrow Shapes for Round Faces:

Choose a brow shape that will slim down your face and enhance the features of a round face. To shape your eyebrows, you can use either the traditional threading technique or a brow threading machine. Shape your eyebrows carefully because the wrong shape can ruin your look. It would help if you gave your face definition because it is rounded. In general, there are six types of brows: rounded, curved, and flat, as well as hard-angled and soft-angled. These six variations are the eyebrow shapes that work best for round faces:

Three shapes are recommended that look good on most people. Thick eyebrow Round shape faces hard Angled.

The round face should be elongated as much as you can. The best way to achieve this is with a high or sharp arch. It would help if you avoided angles that are soft or gentle because they make the face look rounder. How do you achieve this shape? This shape is achieved by keeping the brow straight up to the top and then lowering it towards the edge. High arches make the eyes appear larger while making the face look thinner. This shape makes your face look slimmer because the brows are positioned far away from your nose.

Soft Angled

Women with round faces can choose between soft-angled and hard-angled eyebrows. Soft curves and peaks characterize the soft-angled eyebrow shape. This shape is available with low or high arches. High arches are best suited for round faces, as they make the face look thinner. If you are not comfortable with the high arches, try a softly angled eyebrow. The hard-angled shape gives a younger look to the front. This shape makes chubby cheeks look slimmer, and shorter faces appear longer. This shape is harsh, but it works on round faces. How do we achieve this shape? Both the hard and soft angles give a delicate appearance to women with round faces. The body is straight with soft curves around the corners of the eyebrow. This shape can also make a person appear taller.


The S-shaped eyebrow shape is similar to the softly angled brow. The body starts with a slightly curving line, and the angle is rounded. The round-faced form becomes longer. This shape resembles the letter S, hence the name S-shaped. This unique brow style is perfect for a face that has a mixture of angles and curves. This shape gives your face a glamorous appearance. How do we achieve this shape? An S-shaped eyebrow is similar to a high-arched brow for a round face. Keep your eyebrows straight and towards your nose to create a slight curve. This brow shape does not flatter the face.

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