Eye Makeup for Droopy Eyes

The application of eye makeup is different for each person because they have unique eye shapes and characteristics. Makeup for droopy eyelids requires special techniques and tricks, as they can look tired and aged. If you want to dress up and make your eyes look fresh and awake, then this article is for you.

Droopy eyes can be treated with eye makeup.

Here are some tips for eye makeup to help with droopy or tired eyes. You can look younger by applying the correct eye makeup. You appear more awake and fresh.

Use Concealer to:

It will last longer and hold your eye makeup. Use a makeup sponge to dab some liquid concealer on the skin around your eyes. Blend well. For better coverage, apply from the lashline to below the eyebrow. For a smooth and long-lasting finish, you can apply primer first before applying concealer.

Choose Colors Carefully:

Selecting the right color for the Eye Shadows is important when you have drooping lids. Dark shades can make your eyes appear tired and older. Avoid dark shades, such as browns and taupe, in favor of neutrals. Metallic or pearly colors will distract attention from drooping eyes.

How to Apply Eye Shadow

Blend well a light color all over the lid. Lightly contour the eyelids with a slightly darker shade. Start higher than the droopy area to create a larger lid area. Work towards the outer edge and create a wing shape. Gently blend towards the upper and outer sides.

Use A Highlighter:

To make your eyes appear less droopy, use a lighter highlighter under the eyebrows. Blend it in with the crease shade to make it appear more natural.

Lining Eyes

If you have droopy eyelids, black liquid eyeliners can be harsh. Instead, use a pencil or a dampened brush to apply the eyeshadow. Avoid creating an offensive line and use a dark color. For a better look, keep the line smudged. You can go lower than the lower lash line to give an impression of bigger eyes.

Mascara and Fake Lash:

Mascara or false eyelashes can help to hide droopy lids. Use two or three coats of mascara or fake lashes to bring out the outer corners of your eyes. The length of the eyelashes will take the attention away from your droopy eyes. We need to pay attention to that! Draw out the viewer’s eyes from droopy eyelids.

Enhancing Your Brows:

Create the illusion of larger lids with your brows using a brow pen. Keep your brow arch high to achieve a sharp, angular appearance. Avoid overdoing your brows or filling in the ends of the eyebrows. Choose a natural color for your brows or one that is a little darker. Apply a setting spray at the end to help keep your makeup in position.

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