Pure Impact Part 3, Makeup for Blue Eyes

Blue-eyed beauties, you have been very patient! You’ve been patient, and now you have your eye makeup tips to enhance your natural beauty. 

Natural Makeup for Blue Eyes

  • Start with oysters. This is the base color of your GoBlue eye Steppes. Use the Oval Blender Brush and sweep the brush over the lids up to the eyebrow bone.
  • Apply Chisel Shader Brush next to the crease.
  • Use the Chisel Shader to apply Smoke in the outer fourth, starting at the lashline and extending into the crease.
  • Blend all surfaces to a smooth, edgeless finish using the Oval Blender.
  • Use the Mini Dome Brush to apply the Rosy under the lower lash line.

Get More Drama in Your Makeup!

  • Apply Oyster on the inner third and brow bone. This is best done with the Deluxe Shading Brush.
  • Use the Chisel Shader and sweep taupe along the outer thirds of the eye, from the lashline to the browbone.
  • Smoke should be applied from the lashline to the crease. If you want a nice intensity, really press the product in. Continue layering until it looks good.
  • Then, using your brush, apply Rose to the center of the lid from the lashline to the crease.
  • Use the Mini Dome for Swiss Chocolate. Use the Mini Dome to apply em>Swiss Chocolate/em> (yum!)
  • Blend all the ingredients well using an oval blender. Don’t forget to mist it with Hydration spray. It’s a great way to keep eye makeup intense from looking too heavy.

Last tip: If you don’t own a variety of brushes (which you really should), then you can buy some. The Chisel Shader This is a versatile workhorse that can be used for any task, depending on the way you hold it.

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