Best Colorbar Nail Polish Swatches

Colorbar U.S.A. is a popular brand in India. Many of its makeup products are popular and are synonymous with fashion, beauty, and cosmetics. The nail polishes are available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and textures. They’re perfect for manicures or pedicures. Color bar’s nail polish has a shelf life of 1-2 years and is very affordable for the quality it provides. If you use a good base coat and a top coat, they will last for about ten days. I own around 13 nail polishes by this brand. Here are the ten best shades, along with a short review. In the pictures below, I didn’t use any top coat.

The Shy Rose

This is a beautiful pastel red. The color is a bit sheer but can be built up on the second coat. The swatch was made with three coats.

Flirty Pink:

It’s not a flirty shade, but it is a beautiful nude one. It’s quite sheer and requires 2-3 coats in order to be opaque.

73 Exclusive:

This shade comes from their exclusive line and is very similar to the flirty pink shown above. It is creamier and has a cap in silver. Three coats were used for the swatch.

20 Autumn Rose

This is a beautiful coral rose color. This shade is a must-have in my collection. Wearing it can brighten any dull day. The swatch was made with two coats.

57 Berrylicious:

This is a beautiful shade. This is a darker pink shade with a metallic finish. This shade is stunning on fair skin. Two coats were used for this swatch.

19 Exclusive:

This year, dark navy is a very popular shade. This shade is a must-have. For the swatch, I used two coats. The formula is creamy and quite good.

05, Blue Lagoon:

This is a beautiful shade of bright blue. You will need to apply 3-4 coats in order to achieve the desired color. I used three coats to create the swatch.

Moss Agate

This is a nice shade of moss. It only takes two coats for it to be opaque. It has a creamy finish. Two coats were used for the swatch.

002, Disco gold:

This is a gold glitter top. It looks great in any color. It looks great over Moss Agate. It is so glittery that I only used one coat.

Colorbar offers a few gorgeous neon shades. I have three that I’m swatching. These are a. 096, lime Margarita. (green neon)(on middle finger)

b. 099, Pina Colada. (yellow neon), (on the pointer and pinky fingers)

c. 094, Pink lady (pink neon)(on ring finger)

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