Hybrid beauty products have helped us save time and money

Although we don’t want to brag, nobody has done more than Indians for the two-in-1 philosophy. The belan can make lightening fast contact with an errant base and roll out chapatis at a steady pace. The tea bags are used to weaponize the machine to remove puffy eyes, make PT shoes smelly and fertilize nani’s herb garden. Tweak India tried this concept with their first line of loungewear. We created pyjamas sets that are stylish enough to go on grocery runs ( ). The same applies to our morning put-my face-on routine. Hybrid beauty products are gaining popularity because people prefer to use a 2-in-1 product, rather than applying multiple layers of makeup.

These products are packed with ingredients that can be used as makeup or skincare products. High-coverage foundations are available with serum-like textures and moisturising lips products. They also include keratin nail varnish, SPF-protected powders, and moisturising lipsticks. Hybrid beauty isn’t new. BB and CC crèmes are enjoying a major moment in the 2010s. The clean-girl aesthetic which uses minimal beauty products to achieve a flawless glow has been a strong contender for the spotlight.

Hybrid beauty products can not only save you time but will also prevent you from looking like a savage. We’ll be there to thank you later. (Are you a facial sweater? Here’s how you can control it.

Hybrid beauty products that can be used for both your skincare and cosmetic needs

There are two types of people in the world: those with long, straight nails in a rainbow range of colours and those like me who have their nails chipped when they even sneeze. Whatever your category, this OPI nail strengthener and polish will be your new favorite for keeping nails looking great on Instagram.

This popular nail strengthener can be used to repair nails, without affecting your weekly manicure. It is also available in other colours than clear. Calcium and hydrolyzed wheat proteins are key ingredients in the growth of stronger nails. This will make your nails feel more durable, which can help prevent breakage.

We don’t believe in cracked lips

Lip balms can be your best friend, but you don’t want to give up your beloved gloss. Join us in worshipping the altar of oils. Lip oils are rich in moisture and will nourish your lips. They also give you the shine of a gloss without the irritation of sticking. Gandhi recommends the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in a variety of shades, which leave a subtle tint.

A cream-based lipstick tint will give you a natural look. A tint is not applied to your lips like a gloss or lipstick. Instead, it is absorbed into the skin and gives you a diffused look. Love Earth’s cheek and lip tints will give your skin a subtle glow while also hydrating.

A primer+moisturiser+sunscreen in one

Google will also ask you if your primer is first, or your moisturiser. Or is it the sunscreen. It’s not your only problem. My brain has a blind spot for makeup information. These primer+sunscreen+moisturiser hybrid beauty products are just what you need — they serve the purpose of three, leaving your skin properly primed for makeup and protected while stepping out.

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