Anti-chafing Bible for Thicc thighs

What do modern Indians and foot soldiers have in common? The 600,000-strong infantry Indian emperor Chandragupta Maurya Toxic bosses. Chafed thighs. According to Dr Rinky Kapoor, chafing refers to skin irritation that occurs when there is repeated skin-on skin contact or constant rubbing against clothes. Imagine the intense chafing experienced by those who marched all the way from Magadh, modern-day Patna, to the Deccan Plateau under the scorching sun and bone-soaking rain. How to avoid looking like a make-up-dripping mess This season.

Chafing can occur anywhere. It can happen from your buttocks and groin to your arms and under your breasts. Dr. Aanchal Panth, a dermatologist, says that friction can occur anywhere. This includes your inner thighs. The anti-chafing bible is here for your thicc legs.

What should I wear?

Although it’s all the rage to have thighs that look like the Kardashians, there are still thorns. These are the red bumps that appear when thighs indulge in a sweaty affair. Kapoor says cotton clothing is the best choice in such situations. It absorbs moisture and sweat, and allows your skin to breathe. She advises against wearing silk or synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester, as they can cause sweat-logging.

Don’t let your thighs touch

The barrier method is a good option if your legs have been struggling for some time. We’re not talking condoms. Just creating space between your legs. Kapoor recommends wearing tight-fitting clothes that don’t allow for chafing. Anti-chafing shorts or thigh bands that don’t touch your thighs are also options.

You can use oil-based products instead of actual oils to moisturize.

Pee Safe’s anti-chafing sticks, which contain 100% natural coconut oil and can be easily applied to areas that are most sensitive, such as underarms or groins, upper knees, ankles or under the elbow.

Svish’s anti-chafing cream contains anti-bacterial ingredients such as lemon oil, witch hazel, and neem. It fights irritation and sweating while maintaining your skin’s pH. The roll-on has a pleasant peachy fragrance that prevents bad odours.

Sanfe’s anti-chafing rash cream is not only preventive but can also be used to heal chafed skin. It is able to heal and prevent rashes from sanitary pads, tight clothing, waxing, and working out.


A gel-based product with a lightweight texture is ideal for those who experience mild chafing.

SkinEasi’s anti-chafing cream gives your skin a smooth, non-sticky finish. It forms an invisible, water-repellent layer that covers the top of your skin. It doesn’t contain any preservatives or perfumes.


If you prefer a dry finish, choose a powder-based product. Bodywide’s new version of your father’s favorite talcum powder offers protection and healing from chafing.

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