How to Use Oil as Moisturizer for Dewy Skin

In skin care, the words greasy, oily, and shiny are replaced by glowy, shimmery, and dewy. How can we choose oils that will give us the results without the ones we don’t want?

Discover the theory and tips behind choosing suitable oils for your skin and how to apply them skillfully to enjoy summer-dewy, glowing skin throughout the year.

Does oil harm your skin?

I remember the days when “oil free” was written on the packaging of most skin care products. The industry believed that oil was acne-causing and wanted to avoid using it.

What a crazy thing to do! We know skin produces oil, requires oil, and loves oil! Instead of avoiding all fat, I see many oil options that can be used for hair, skin, and nails.

How to make your skin look dewy

Layering is a fundamental element in mastering the art of oil as a hydrator.

Following are the steps to prepare your skin to absorb the oil moisturizer.

You might only complete some steps when you prepare the skin. However, they are all listed, so you can know what order to do them in.

* Pre-cleanse

* Cleanse


* Hydrosol / Toner

* Treat–Serum – Most are based on aloe vera, alcohol, or water.

Oil–Moisturizer: A vitamin-rich oil smoothie to moisturize the skin

How to Apply Face Oil Correctly

Applying oil differently to lotions and creams will give you the best results. Apply oil to your skin using the steps below.


You can apply a small amount of oil directly to your fingertips.


Then, using your opposite hand and center finger, “dot the face” in the following areas:

Center of forehead

Center of the left cheek

– Center of the right cheek

– Tip the chin

– The center of the collarbone


Massage oil gently from the center upwards, connecting all points. Be sure to smooth over the entire face, neck, and décolleté and leave it with a healthy glow.

Common Mistakes When Using Oil As A Moisturizer

It is evident when you have your skin in a state of optimum health and have chosen the right oil for your skin type. The fat will melt into your skin, leaving you a healthy glow and no greasy feel. You’ll want to learn how to apply moisturizers to avoid making common mistakes properly. These can result in your skin aging.

Oil Isn’t Absorbing?

Oil is an excellent moisturizer but can only be problematic if it absorbs appropriately into the skin. Here are some tips to help you get the nourishment you need to give you the desired skin.

You should always exfoliate your skin first.

Oils will be difficult to absorb if the surface of your skin is covered with a layer of wax.

If this is the situation, exfoliating this layer will create a porous one that can absorb oil when you apply your moisturizer.

Exfoliate and then hydrate using a serum or hydrosol. Follow with the 5 Dot Oil application and massage in to achieve the perfect glowing complexion.

Oil Molecules may not be appropriate for your skin type.

Not all oils are created equal. Oils vary in size and have different absorption properties. The suitable oils for your skin type and skin condition will absorb differently.

Avoid Over-Exfoliating Your Skin

Exfoliation too often can strip the skin and cause TEWL. (Transepidermal Water Loss). Water moves through layers of skin and evaporates. Over-exfoliated, thinned skin can intensify TEWL. This leaves the skin unable to absorb and hold oil effectively.

It can be hard to tell without a professional’s eye the difference between skin that is over-exfoliated and skin that requires exfoliation. Always assume it is over-exfoliated and that you need to moisturize first.

How to improve your oil absorption?

Skip exfoliation and apply serums containing Hyaluronic acid or Tremella. These ingredients are water-loving and help your skin retain moisture. Apply your oil using the 5 Dot system and massage it in. Mist your skin with hydrosol afterward and gently remassage the skin to blend the oil and hydrofoil combination.

For some skin types, oil and water don’t mix. You can “press” your oil into the skin by switching the steps to encourage absorption.

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