Coconut oil: Beauty Benefits You Can Enjoy

Coconut oil is a great way to make your hair and skin look beautiful. It is a moisturizing oil that also contains nutrients to beautify the body.

Our Coconut Body Oil is infused with herbs to bring nourishing antioxidants as it penetrates your skin. We also use it by itself because it is a fantastic ingredient you can use daily.

Coconut Oil: Uses for Beauty

As Makeup Remover

Coconut oil can be used to remove makeup without spending money. Use a cotton ball with some coconut oil to remove eye makeup.

As Natural Deep Conditioner for Hair

Do you feel less than glamorous because of your dry hair? Coconut oil can also help.

Apply generously to your ends and let it sit overnight. Cover your pillow with a towel. After a few minutes, rinse the coconut oil with a safe shampoo for your hair. We recommend our Sweet Sunrise Shampoo. Rinse and style your hair as usual.

This super-moisturizer will restore shine and softness to your hair, even if it is dry or overworked.

As Oil Pulling

Have you tried oil pulling? You may have heard about oil pulling.

Oil pulling is an ancient practice that involves rinsing your mouth with oil. Many people prefer coconut oil to sesame because it tastes better and has the same benefits.

Coconut lip balm

What makes coconut oil suitable for lip balms? Pure coconut oil is the most natural lip balm. It works to soothe chapped lips and gives your lips a glossy finish. Coconut oil and a few drops of peppermint oil are stored in sample kit containers. This is an excellent lip treatment.

Face masks with coconut oil to moisturize your skin

This Coconut Honey Mask will help to reduce wrinkles and soothe dry skin. Honey, coconut oil, and beautiful skin… what’s not loveable?

Some people find that moisturizing their skin with extra virgin coconut oils clogs pores and can cause breakouts. That’s why some of our face moisturizers use fractionated oil. You can use fractionated coconut oil to create a mask, then wash it off afterward. This will allow you to get the benefits of moisturizers without clogging up your pores.

Body butter

Coconut oil is a beautiful body moisturizer on its own. Adding cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, or shea butter can make a luxurious body butter.

You won’t believe that you made it in your kitchen.

Coconut oil can be used on your face daily.

Some people use coconut oil as a daily moisturizer for their face, while others claim it clogs pores. It all depends on your skin type. Extra virgin coconut oil is an excellent option for those with dry skin. For people with oily or combination skin, consider using fractionated coconut oil.

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