How to keep your skin healthy this summer

Don’t let your skin suffer this summer. Keep your skin healthy with these five tips.

TIP 1: Reapply sunscreen

We all know we need to apply sunscreen before going out in the sun. Apply sunscreen to all exposed skin daily. This includes winter! We are told about UV radiation throughout the year and even through the screens on our gadgets. Therefore, we must apply it daily. Apply it every 2 hours to get long-lasting protection. This is particularly important during the summer when we spend more time outdoors and wear clothing that exposes our skin to the sunlight.

Consider your clothing choices.

They can damage all parts of your skin that are exposed. Dress in a comfortable and protective manner, especially during the hot summer months. Choose long linen garments to keep your skin protected from the sun. They will also keep you cool.

TIP # 3: Change your skincare routine

Change your skincare routine when the temperature rises. Including more sunscreen applications and replacing your current moisturizer with a lighter one is essential. More decadent formulas work better for dry winter skin and can clog pores in the summer.

TIP #4: Hydrate your skin and body

The human body contains about 60 percent water. Our bodies need to be replenished with water to function optimally. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water; experts recommend eight cups daily during warm weather. Also, eat lots of fruit and vegetables that are high in water.

TIP #5 – Don’t neglect neglected areas

Many people focus their skincare routines on the face but neglect other body parts. Other parts of the skin, such as the feet, hands, neck, and chest, are left vulnerable to environmental and sun damage. You should also regularly moisturize, cleanse and treat these areas.

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