Have an Itchy Scarp? Itchy Scalp? Here are the top causes & preventive measures for itchy scalp

An itchy scalp can make you look bad when you’re out in public. It feels good at first, but it will start to hurt after a while. You can cause hair loss by scratching your scalp. Read on to learn how to break the itching and hair loss cycle.

Itchy scalp symptoms

  • The scalp is inflamed by fungus. Its symptoms includeThe urge to scratch your scalp is intense.
  • When scratching, you can feel a cluster of dead skin cells.
  • Dry flakes appearing on the scalp
  • Pain while scratching an itch is moderate.

Itchy scalp: What causes it?

  1. Stress, anxiety, sunburns, skin diseases, etc., can cause mild scalp itching. The cause of severe scalp itching is scalp fungus, among others. An itchy scalp can be caused by: A mild itchiness on the scalp.

Scalp dryness

The scalp is affected by dryness. Make sure your scalp is dry enough. Maintaining the natural balance of the scalp is essential for a healthy scalp.

Seasonal Factor

It becomes greasy if you only wash it once a week. Excess oil can cause flaking and itching. Skip your massage routine.

You can get dandruff or dull hair if you don’t massage your hair. Regular hair oil massages nourish and strengthen hair from the root to the tip. They also encourage healthy hair growth.

Allergic reactions

Have you tried a new product on your hair and noticed an itchy scalp immediately or a few days later? You can blame an allergic reaction. If the problem persists after using the product one or twice, switch to home remedies or natural products.

Improper diet

A poor diet can cause a deficiency in Vitamin B, Vitamin D, and Zinc, which can lead to a dry scalp.

Itchy scalp: severe causes

Inflammatory diseases

  1. Scalp Psoriasis:
  2. The scalp becomes covered in thick patches. This condition causes inflammation of the scalp, which can lead to itching. It can be mild, with fine scales, or severe, with thick crusts covering the scalp. Psoriasis may extend beyond the hairline to the forehead, back of the neck, and around the ears. It has a silvery powdery appearance. Lichen Planus:

A chronic inflammatory condition like Lichen Planus can cause people itchy scalp or hair loss. This skin rash is caused by your body attacking your skin cells or mucous tissue. It is a common skin condition that viral infections, allergies, stress, and genetics can cause. Viral and Bacterial Infections

Folliculitis is a condition that causes scalp inflammation and can result in severe itching, pain, and blisters.

Infections fungal :

  1. Tinea Capitis :
  2. Tinea Capitis is also known as ringworm on the scalp. It is caused by a superficial fungal skin infection that can affect hair follicles and the hair shaft. It causes itching on the scalp in ring-like patches. The symptoms of this condition include pus-filled sores, red, scaly patches, and swellings. In most cases, it can lead to hair loss. Cradle cap :
  3. This skin condition is most common in newborns and young children due to maternal hormones, which cause an increase in sebaceous production. The scalp becomes greasy and yellow, with scaly patches. It causes discomfort because of constant itching. Psychological aspects :
An itchy scalp can be caused by stress and anxiety. These factors are known to hurt your health. Psychological factors can cause Lice:
  1. The lice are parasites that feed on your scalp. This parasitic infection is more common among school-going children and women with long hair. It is easily spread from person to person and causes itchiness on the scalp. This can lead to bacterial infestation caused by constant scratching.
  2. Hypothyroidism :

Underactive thyroid is also known as low thyroid. This condition occurs when the body does not produce enough thyroid hormone. The result can be problems such as dry, itchy, and brittle hair and poor scalp health.

Coconut oil massage

Coconut oil can soothe and nourish your scalp, reducing itching. You can use Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil For complete scalp nutrition and care. Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic.

Tea tree oil contains anti-oxidants, anti-microbial, and other properties that can kill fungus and bacteria that cause itching on the scalp.

Please do not share.

Your toothbrush, comb, towel, etc., are all personal. They are personal. Please do not share them, as this could be one of many causes of an itchy scalp.

Healthy Eating

Include anti-fungal foods like garlic, avocado, flaxseed, banana, apple cider vinegar, etc. Include anti-fungal foods like garlic, avocado, flaxseed seeds, bananas, and apple cider vinegar.

Natural products can replace chemicals.

An itchy scalp is often caused by hair products that contain chemicals. Choose natural products such as curd, honey henna & aloe Vera. 

Use baking soda

It is a great way to soothe the itching. Add it to your shampoo and wash away the itch.

Apple Cider Vinegar

An itchy scalp is often caused by yeast and viruses. Apple cider is a great way to soothe itchy scalp and kill yeast and viruses.

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