Hairstyles for Long Hair and Tips

Straight Hair is the best hair type. It’s easy to maintain and looks good on any occasion. That’s what we all think. Women with straight Hair also have hair problems! To avoid hair loss, they must condition their Hair and wash it more frequently. If you have straight Hair, this is the right product for you. Natural hair care tips Our homemade remedies and advice will help you. Straight hair tips

Keep your scalp healthy:

  • Keep your scalp clean by using a gentle hair-cleansing mask. Your scalp is oily, so keeping a healthy one is essential.

Avoid hot water baths:

  • The pores in your Hair are left open when you take a hot bath. This makes them more susceptible to damage. If you must bathe with hot water, rinse your Hair using cold water afterward. Avoid a sudden change in temperature by gradually switching from hot to cold water.

Use a wide-toothed comb.

  • Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your Hair. This will reduce the chance of hair breaking.

Olive oil is a natural hair conditioner.

  • Heat Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil
  • Apply the oil to your Hair and wrap it tightly with a towel. After a half hour, wash your Hair with shampoo and let the oil sit in. You will notice that your Hair feels thick and silky.

Natural hair care tips for thin Hair

  • Use less oil if you have thin Hair. It can quickly saturate the delicate strands. Dabur’s Olive Oil is non-sticky and light, so it won’t make your Hair greasy.

The homemade remedy for thickening Hair

  • Find various Home remedies for thick Hair here.

Home remedies for dry Hair

  • Find various Home remedies for dry Hair here.

Home remedies for hair volume:

  • Add three tablespoons of almond oil and a teaspoon of vinegar to an egg. Mix well. After 40 minutes, massage your scalp and then wash it.

How to wash your Hair

  • If your Hair gets oily quickly, wash it three times a week. Oily Hair can look very lifeless.

Combing wet Hair

  • Wet Hair has open cuticles, which are more prone to split ends and breakage. Let it dry first, then comb.


  • Regularly trim or cut your Hair to prevent weakening and splitting ends that can lead to hair loss.

Straight hairstyles:

  • Wear your Hair wild and open. You can choose a stylish haircut that has layers or steps.
  • You don’t need to worry if you have an urgent event and can’t wash your Hair. You can rock your show by simply tying your Hair in a ponytail.
  • Hair can break if you style it in tight ponytails or hairstyles. Enjoy the wind blowing through your Hair by leaving them open.
  • If your hair is thin, avoid bangs. It’s not a rule, but thin Hair with bangs can look very sticky. Find out more about tips to straighten Hair.


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