There are six reasons why you may have split ends.

  1. Split ends are an unfortunate reality that we all have to face at some point. These split ends not only give your hair a frayed appearance but can also ruin any hairstyle. Several factors can cause split ends, and there may not be a simple way to fix them. Split ends can be the worst enemy for those wanting to grow their hair. When the ends of your hair are jagged and fried, it’s hard to grow long and strong hair. Learn the reasons why your hair splits and how to prevent it.
  2. Excessive brushing
  3. Split ends can be caused by unnecessary combing. Split ends and fall of hair are caused by excessive backcombing. She was brushing her hair when wet is the most common cause of hair breakage. Damp hair can expand up to 25 percent and lead to split ends.
  4. Hair coloring
  5. Hair that is colored will have a worse condition. Avoid coloring your hair if possible. If you must dye your hair to cover up greys, use products that are ammonia free.
  6. Heaters
  7. Heated appliances remove moisture and essential oils from your hair, leaving it extremely dry. Avoid using these appliances as much as possible to prevent your hair from becoming fried and split. If you use them, ensure you protect your hair by using a hair serum.
  8. Rub with a towel
  9. Avoiding split ends is impossible if you rub your hair with a cloth. Avoid using a hair dryer and let your hair dry naturally. This is an essential hair care tip.
  10. Rubber bands
  11. Rubber bands can look great and add a little flair to your hair but they can also cause damage. Avoid using uncovered rubber bands because they can cause hair to split when removed.
  12. Poor health results in poor hair
  13. It’s important to know that your diet can affect your hair. Low-fat diets can cause hair to look dull and unattractive. Your hair will show it if you do not include healthy fats, like fish or olive oil. These healthy fats can protect your hair and your whole body.


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