I cycled for two weeks, and my skin has never been happier.

Every skincare trend today is trying to convince you to add another product or treatment to your already extensive skincare routine. Not skin cycling. The TikTok and dermatologist-approved skin cycling trend encourages us to take a less-is-more approach to our skin instead.

Skin cycling is a better way to optimize your nighttime skincare regimen than trying a new formula or technique. It would help if you were deliberate when using different products to get the best out of your nighttime skincare routine. This is how the 4-night cycle works.

Night 1: Exfoliate

Exfoliators can be used with physical textures or acids, such as alpha, beta, and salicylic, to remove dead skin and open pores, revealing a smoother, more youthful complexion.

Night 2: Retinol

The skin will be ready to absorb retinol better the next night once it has been cleared and rejuvenated. Retinol and its natural alternatives help combat signs of aging and restore clarity. They also boost skin cell regeneration to treat fine wrinkles, dullness, and sun damage.

Rest for Nights 3 and 4.

Resting is essential to allow your skin to recover. On these nights, moisture and hydration are vital to nourishing your microbiome skin and repairing the skin barrier.


My combination skin loves skin cycling. I reverted to the basics for two weeks. During the day, I cleansed my face, toned it, moisturized it, and applied SPF. I would add an exfoliator (or retinol) to my routine in the evening. The days of eight-step skin care routines are over.

After two weeks, my skin is noticeably calmer, with a smoother surface and less milia. I overdid it and exposed my skin to too many products. My skinprovesf that less is more and that rest days are as necessary for our skin and bodies.

The predetermined cadence gave me calmer and happier skin and eased my mind. I no longer have to remember how many days ago I last used a particular product or treatment. This removes the guesswork of what products work well together and if you have given enough time to certain active ingredients.

It’s ok to experiment with your skin and find out what works for you. Others may prefer to rest for an additional day or two between exfoliating the skin and applying retinol. Results will be evident if your skin is allowed to sleep and you are consistent.


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