How to make your hair grow faster naturally

Hair that is healthy and beautiful is what every girl/woman wants. To understand how hair behaves, you must first learn the science behind hair growth. Every human has approximately one lakh hair follicles. Each hair strand undergoes three phases throughout a lifetime: Anagen (the growing phase), Catagen (the shrinking stage), and Telogen (the falling off grade). It is only natural for each hair to complete its cycle. Therefore, hair loss (up to 50-100 hair strands) is also a normal process. If you are losing more hair than this, it may be time to take action. While Controlling hair falls, Promoting hair growth can be an excellent way to maintain your hair thickness. We’ll give you some natural hair care advice in this article on how to grow your hair faster.

 Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Eat Well –

    • It is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your diet directly impacts the appearance of your hair and skin. You can have beautiful, lustrous, and long hair if you eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in nutrients, such as zinc, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids in fish. Learn more about How to use green Tea for Hair Growth.

Drink Water

    • Water makes up a large percentage of our bodies, so consuming 8-10 glasses per day is essential to stay hydrated. Your hair will be nourished, lush, and healthy if you drink more water.

Sleep Well –

    • Most of us do not have time to sleep for 8 hours. Beauty sleep is not called that for nothing. If you want to be beautiful, get 7-8 hours of sleep daily. Lack of sleep can lead to hair problems, such as hair loss. Also, sleep on a pillowcase made of silk. It will reduce friction and help prevent breakage. Remember to change your pillowcase every week so the oil and dirt from your hair onto the pillow don’t irritate the scalp.

Exercise Regularly

    • Regular exercise has many benefits! Exercise helps you stay healthy and increases circulation, allowing nutrients to reach the scalp and encouraging hair growth. Try some fun activities like Zumba, Aqua aerobics, Zumba dancing, or cycling instead of your standard options, such as yoga, walking, running, or going to the gymnasium.
  1. After you’ve read the above, we will discuss a few natural hair care tips which can be incorporated into your regimen.

Hair Washing

  1. Everyone has one tip for natural hair care: wash your hair. If you pass, it is essential to fit your hair to be clean and healthy; inching it is not good. This strips your scalp of all its natural oils and dries it out. Only wash your hair once a week. Choose natural products such as the Vatika Shampoo range. It is best to choose a shampoo that does not contain many chemicals. When shampooing, repeat the process of wash-lather rinse because it will help clean your hair and keep your scalp clean.

Hair Combing –

  1. One hundred brush strokes a day can solve all your hair issues! This natural hair care tip works! Brushing hair stimulates the hair follicles and increases blood circulation, boosting hair growth.

Hair Trimming –

  1. Trimming your hair regularly will help you grow hair. Split ends are caused by dry hair. They inhibit hair growth. Remember to cut your hair every three months!

UV protection –

  1. We live in a highly polluted environment! You should protect your hair from harmful UV rays and other pollutants. You can cover your hair with a scarf or hat and carry an umbrella.

Hair oiling –

  1. Oil massages are a popular hair care method used for generations. They can help with a variety of hair issues. Hot oil massages are soothing for the nervous system and improve blood circulation, carry nutrients from the root to the tip, and encourage hair growth. Follow this simple technique for the best results from your oiling. Wrap a warm towel tightly around your hair after oiling it. This will ensure that the oil gets deep into the scalp and is absorbed.
  2. If you want to learn more about natural hair care tips, continue reading to find out what to avoid.

Avoid Hair coloring-

  1. Did you know that most hair colors contain ammonia? This chemical can cause your hair to become permanently damaged and dry. Choose safer options such as ammonia-free colors and natural alternatives like henna or amla if you want to cover up grey hair.

Avoid using heat/chemical treatments.

  1. All of us want to look like celebrities. We wish our hair were straight, curly, or permed. All these treatments can cause hair loss because they contain harsh chemicals. Not only that, but regular hair straightening may cause split ends. The only way to combat this is to cut them off. How will you grow your hair if you constantly chop it off? Avoid hair treatments whenever possible.

Hot Water –

  1. After shampooing, never use hot water to wash your hair. Hot water makes hair brittle, dry and can cause breakage. The best option is cold water, which smooths the cuticle and makes hair shiny and soft. If you can’t stand the cold in winter, then lukewarm is fine.

You should not comb your hair when it is wet.

  1. Many people are urged to comb through their hair immediately after washing it. This is a no-no! You should never brush your hair when it’s wet. Your roots will be weakest at this time, and your hair will fall out. When your hair is semi-dry, you can use a wide-bristled comb of good quality. Remember to clean the comb/brush regularly!

Tight hairstyles cause hair fall and breakage.

  1. These hairstyles may look stylish but can cause hair loss or breakage. You don’t want to do that! Tight hairbands or hair ties may also damage hair and cause it to become weaker and more susceptible to breaking. Follow our natural hair care tips and avoid hairstyles that can cause damage.
  2. We’ll now tell you a few tips for natural hair care using Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil Plus; a few herbs can help you grow your hair.

Hair treatment with lemon + coconut:

  1. Lemon juice can be used to care for your hair. When combined with coconut oil, this goodness is doubled! Mix equal parts of coconut oil and lemon, massage it gently into your hair, and rinse after 30 minutes with a mild herbal soap. Lemon’s antibacterial and acidic properties, combined with coconut oil’s nutrients, can help to eliminate dandruff.

Honey + Coconut Hair –

  1. Honey is a natural moisturizer with antibacterial properties. Combined with coconut oil, it can eliminate scalp problems that cause hair loss. Mix equal parts of coconut oil with honey and apply it to your hair. Brush it evenly to distribute it, then let it rest for an hour before washing it off. This mixture is sticky, so lather it well and rinse it several times.

Neem + Coconut hair treatment

  1. Hair loss could be caused by dandruff, a persistent scalp condition. Get rid of dandruff to boost hair growth. How? There are anti-dandruff products, but neem infusing in warm coconut oil is another option. Coconut oil is infused with neem leaves when they are boiled in it. Let it cool, and then massage the mixture into your scalp. Follow this method and rinse it with a mild soap. You’ll notice a noticeable improvement. Natural hair care tip Once a week is enough.

Coconut + Essential Oils for Hair

  1. Coconut oil has many benefits; when you combine it with essential oils, the goodness is multiplied! You can, for example, mix it with tea tree and rosemary oil to give your hair a beautiful shine and promote growth.


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