How to grow long, beautiful hair… fast!

We’re skin people. We love waking up with soft, glowing skin. We think of hair as the frame around our faces.

On a “good hair day,” you can achieve more. Your follicles will obey your every command. You feel like you’ve been to the hair salon while sleeping. You want to make eye contact with people you don’t know. You ask your barista on a date. The best things can happen.

Why can’t it be every day? Check out our tricks and tips to help your hair grow strong.


You will only have beautiful hair if you provide your body with the right components. You need enough protein to maintain healthy hair, especially if your diet is free of animal products.

If you don’t have them in your diet, add beans and lentils. Recently, we posted a recipe called Moroccan Lentil stew. This is a great way to warm up during winter and get the protein your hair needs.


Did you know that this plant can convert inorganic silica into a form we can use for our benefit? It is one of the best silica sources on Earth! Silica is found in abundance in all living things. Without it, our bones are brittle and heal slowly. It makes our hair shiny and softens our skin.

Horsetail should not be consumed whole or raw. It is too abrasive. Horsetail tincture or herbal tea can help you grow strong hair and nails. You can add a solid tea to your bath water or use it for hair rinses.


You may be aware that your hair is suffering if you regularly color it, use heat to style it, and avoid getting it cut. There are also less apparent reasons for dry, brittle, and dull hair.

Take into account both mental and physical health.

Eastern medicine relates hair health to the strength of your kidneys and blood. Brigitte Mar says in Beauty by Nature that negative emotions like envy and hatred may also affect your hair’s health. When researching how to grow long and beautiful hair, consider your overall physical and mental health.

Let it all Hang Out.

The tension created by tying your hair with elastic bands will affect your scalp. The ones with metal pieces on them can irritate the hair and promote breakage.

Try wearing your hair down more often to ease the pressure, or use claw hair clips to put hair back without causing breakage.

Choose your tools wisely.

Use a brush with natural bristles that will absorb oils and thus help to distribute them evenly throughout your hair.

Natural bristles and handles

Boar bristle brushes are popular, but for those who avoid using animal products, these won’t do. Be aware that a product that claims to have “natural bristles” could often be made with animal hair.

Wood brushes are good alternatives, reducing static and helping to distribute those oils throughout your hair. You’ll also be avoiding adding more plastic to the world. Beechwood and bamboo are standard natural hair brush options.

Take your vitamins

Make sure to include lots of biotin in your diet. This B vitamin keeps hair growing beautifully. Grab some peanuts, sweet potato, eggs, or oats to get your fix.

Oil it

We like our facial oils, that’s for sure. We also love oils in our hair! Create your arsenal by choosing essential oils that help you achieve your hair goals. Massage a couple of drops into the ends of your hair, add a couple of drops to your shampoo or conditioner, add a couple to your hairbrush, or mix with a carrier oil and use it as a treatment.

Rinse wisely

Many hair routines are finished after the conditioner is rinsed off, but you can work even more natural benefits into your routine. You can make a simple hair rinse by brewing a strong cup of tea (about 1/2 cup of herbs to 1 cup of water) and storing the strained liquid in a bottle in your fridge. After rinsing out your conditioner, pour a cup or so of your rinse over your hair, and leave it in.


Those with oily skin love our Rosemary Toning Mist as a great way to soften while lessening clogged pores. Did you know that it’s also an excellent hair treatment? Rosemary stimulates, so a couple of spritzes of this mist a day can help get you closer to the mermaid’s hair.

Get the blood flowing.

Many hair growth treatments work by stimulating blood flow to the head. There’s a straightforward way to do this… be upside down! If you’re a yogi or a gymnast, do a headstand or handstand daily to get blood flowing. Alternatively, lay on a slanted surface with your head below the rest of your body to get the blood moving in that direction.

Keep it natural

Of course, we advocate for natural hair care in addition to natural skin care. You can’t expect your hair to thrive when feeding it chemicals.

Here’s a recipe for natural hair conditioner from Brigitte Mars’ Beauty by Nature:

Natural banana conditioner:

1 cup of hot water1 ripe banana

1/2 cup dried chamomile or rosemary

1 tbsp coconut oil

One tablespoon honey

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