How to get the perfect ponytail

  1. It’s simple. It’s quick. Some people use it as their go-to style. Some people use it to save their hair from a bad day. A well-done ponytail can be eye-catching—a hairstyle for Long Hair. Ponytails are deceptively simple but harder to do than they appear. Read on to learn how to achieve the style look. Vatika Premium Naturals shampoo is a gentle, herbal shampoo you can use to wash your hair. Choose one that is suitable for your hair type.
  2. To avoid knots and tangles, air dry your hair.
  3. Hold your hair tightly at the scalp. Before you fasten your hair, decide whether your ponytail will be high, mid-level, or low.
  4. Use three fingers on the other hand to secure the ponytail. Grab the hair with one finger, then stretch the hairband with the other.
  5. Wrap the band around the ponytail tightly until there is no more band.
  6. You can create a high ponytail by bending over, letting your hair fall, and gathering your hair. To make your hair look neat, use a brush to smooth out the hair. To set your look, you can spray hairspray on. If you prefer a messy look, skip the hairspray.
  7. If you’d like a looser ponytail, create a ponytail. Then pull the band away from your scalp.
  • Here are some ideas to try if you want to experiment with ponytails on long hair. Dress up your plain ponytail by adding intriguing hair ties or ribbons.
  • Try back-brushing your hair to add volume and create a hairstyle for long hair.
  • Try a low, tight ponytail with a zigzag parting.
  • Do you want a neat, tidy ponytail? Then, iron the hair and make the ponytail as you normally would.
  • Want a wavy “tail”? Curl your ponytail or braid it loosely when your hair is still semi-dry. Leave the braid on overnight, then make a ponytail in the morning.
  • How to care for your hair and make it healthier: Ponytails are perfect for summers in tropical climates. You can avoid humidity.
  • Never tie a tight-fitting ponytail. This can lead to hair loss.
  • After styling your long hair, spray some hairspray to help it last longer. Hair serum can be used to smoothen and add shine.
  • You can make a pouf by brushing back your bangs.
  • Wear a headband if you have flyaways.


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