How to Choose the Best Hair Care Routine For You

Hair care is no different than skincare. You’ll always stay in your routine once you find one that suits you.

Finding the proper routine for your hair can be a challenge, especially since so many options are available to people with the same hair type.

This is a guide to help you find the proper hair care routine for you.

The outcome of your routine depends on several factors.

The routine you choose will be influenced by your style and how you feel about your hair.

Natural hair type or texture

Hair Types are usually fine, thick, or coarse. They fall into four different categories.

  • Straightforward
  • wavy
  • Curly
  • Kinky

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Straight hair tends to look and feel greasy faster than curly hairTrusted Source, due to the oil quickly making its way through the hair shaft.

If your hair was bleached or dyed or other chemically treated

You may need to be extra careful with your routine if your hair has been exposed to dye, Bleach, or chemicals.

It is recommended that people with dyed hair not wash it every day to avoid premature color fadeTrusted Source.

You may need to use a hair mask or conditioner for bleached hair.

How to style your hair every day

Straightening your hair is something you enjoy. Curl your hair? Curl it?

You’ll also have to consider that you may be a user of heat tools.

You may have specific concerns you wish to address.

You may find that your hair could be more problematic in some way, such as frizz or a flaky, dry scalp.

Every routine has a few standard components.

There are some basic steps you can take to improve your hair. Your hair type, concerns, and other factors will affect your routine.


Cleaning is about finding the right balance between removing dead cells and product residuesTrusted Source without stripping hair of its natural oil.

Sebum can build up without a good washing, leaving an oily residue.

If dead skin is not removed, it will also be visible. Skin renews itself every 28 daysTrusted sources. This can be seen if the hair is dirty.

You do not want chlorine to remain on your hair if you are a swimmer. The longer you leave it on, the more it will damage your hair by stripping it of its natural elements.


Conditioners offer a variety of benefits. Moisturizing is the main benefit, but there are also detangling and frizz reduction.

A cationic Surfactant is the main ingredient in a conditioner.

This product sticks to wet hair, coating it to replace the moisture shampoo may have taken out.

Moisturize seal

You can add more hydration to your hair by using a two-step procedure known as moisturizing and sealing.

It is beneficial for hair that is prone to being dry or kinky.

Sealing oil, hydrating product, or both is essential to lock in moisture and not dry.


Detangling will help you avoid breakages and make your life easier.

It would help to use the correct tool to avoid accidentally pulling out your hair.

Detangling your hair may be necessary every day or less frequently, depending on your hair type.

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