How to Apply False Lash – For Even the Most Faint Heart

False eyelashes were too much for me. I’m a makeup enthusiast who is always brave and adventurous. Only makeup artists would be able to do this. I was fascinated when Jane Iredale introduced our professional faux lashes. They are individual lashes, so you can get a natural look, even if it’s dramatic. It is Jane Iredale, so I know they will be gentle to my eyes. They were so beautiful, I had to have them. Professional Faux Lashes are completely customizable and give insane length and volume. These faux lashes come in two different sizes. They come in two sizes. They look natural, but if you want to apply dramatic lashes along the entire lashline, they can be placed in the center and inner corners. The inner circle has 9mm lashes. This is for bold, big lashes! Use them across the entire length for a strip-lash effect, at the outer corners to give a sexy tilt, or in the middle for twiggy eyes. It was easy to do after a bit of practice. Please don’t wait until five minutes before the big night to do it for the first time. Enjoy your lazy Sunday in your pajamas with gorgeous, glam-looking lashes. It’s included glue that is non-drying and latex-free. You will need a pair of flat-headed tweezers with a clean, dry surface, a hand mirror (for easier application but not required once you feel comfortable), and an optional lash curler.

  1. Place everything on a table or desk, and have a mirror nearby.
  2. If you have bangs on your hair, pin them away.
  3. Remove the disc and glue from the compact by opening the laces.
  4. Spread some paper towels.
  5. If you own a lash curler, curl your lashes.
  6. Apply mascara (I suggest The Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mask), and let it dry. If you already have mascara, you can skip this step.
  7. Pull several lashes off the disc using your tweezer and place them onto the paper towel. Grab the lashes near the knot, and gently wiggle the lashes free. If you are too rough with the lashes, they may be damaged.
  8. Open the glue. Open the glue. Squeeze out a tiny bit of glue onto your paper towel. You can dab your lash onto the glue wand directly, but I like to squeeze out some glue and then close the tube. This way, there are fewer moving parts.
  9. Grab a lash using the tweezers. Experience is key. The easiest way to do this is to grab the faux lashes and drop them onto your lashes without changing your grip. The best way to do this is by coming in straight from the front and grasping the lashes at the fringe.
  10. Raising your eyebrows, look into the mirror. If you want to keep your hands steady, place your elbows against the table. It would help if you only were holding the mirror and tweezers.
  11. It’s surprisingly easy to do: position the lash where you want it with the knot next to your lash line and drop it onto the top of your lashes.
  12. Repeat until you have all the desired lashes.
  13. After 30 seconds, gently blend in the mascara.

If your tweezers are sticky, you can use alcohol to clean them. With lashes, there is no “three-second rule.” Throw it away if you drop a lash on the ground. Take your eyelashes out. Magic Mitt: Wet a washcloth or cloth with warm water. It is important to press it against your eyelashes gently. If they are still not out, continue to wiggle. GENTLY! False eyelashes can only be used once. Please throw them away once you remove them. How do they look? When I began writing this blog, at 1 p.m., I applied two lashes on the outer corner of my upper eyelash line to refresh myself. The application took about eight seconds, and the lashes were perfect. It is now 4:17. (I had some meetings). I have no feelings for them, but they are still there. They haven’t moved, and I’ve forgotten I’m wearing them. Tomorrow, I’ll comment on how long they stayed in place and how they looked after I removed them. They look natural but also flirty and dramatic. Now it’s up to you. Are they something that you want to try?

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