Help! I have strawberry legs, and chicken skin arms.

Separately, the terms keratosis or pilaris sound just like the treatments you’d get at a salon. For Sheetal’s hair, prepare one keratosis treatment and take it easy for Aliya. We don’t want her face to turn red before her best friend gets married .

Run your hands along your thighs and the outside of your arms. Is it rough and bumpy? Keratosis can appear as tiny, reddish-brown pimples. Dr Manasi Shirolikar is a consultant dermatologist who founded Keratosis pilaris can be found on the arms, legs, bum and sometimes even your cheeks.

Shirolikar says that the keratin, a protein that blocks hair follicles, makes the skin feel “seedy” just like a strawberry’s exterior.

Shirolkar clarifies that keratosis Pilaris can be mistakenly referred to as pimples or acne. It is actually hair follicles which don’t reach the surface of skin due to keratin blocking them. They end up looking like little bumps and curl around the surface.

Keratin is a protein our skin naturally produces. For some, these blocked hair follicles may be due to a genetic tendency or under- or too-exfoliation. These are called keratosis bumps, according to Dr Nishita Ranka , dermatologist and founder of Dr Nishita’a’a Clinic for Skin, Hair & Aesthetics.

Can you avoid keratosis pilaris with

Ranka says that 99% of people don’t understand keratosis pillars and try to remove it with a loofah or body brush. But any friction will cause more keratinization and worsen the condition. It will not respond to topical therapy later.

It is possible to prevent it if it is genetic. It can also be due to hormonal changes, according to Shirolikar. However, it is a non-contagious and harmless condition that almost everyone has to some extent. To minimize the appearance of it, keep your skin moisturized, dry, and moisturised. You can also use certain in-clinic and topical treatments to reduce its discomfort.

What should I use?

Ranka, Shirolkar and others recommend alpha hydroxy acid like glycolic acid or its gentler counterpart, lactic acid. As well as urea, beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), such as salicylic Acid, can also be very effective.

Although exfoliating acids can help clear pores, they can also dry out the skin so make sure to use a moisturiser afterward. Ranka says, “It is best to consult a dermatologist in order to determine the right percentage for your skin and the environment you live in.”

You can achieve effective results with body washes and leave-on creams depending on your skin type. Don’t forget a solid moisturiser.

Body Exfoliants

Temporary exfoliants are better if you don’t like the feel of a leave-on or are more inclined to over-exfoliate your skin. Temporary exfoliants are products that only last a short time. You can enjoy the exfoliating ingredients quickly and easily wash them off. This is a great way to start exfoliating if you are just starting out and don’t want to rush.

This is the best method for exfoliating your body when it comes down to personal care. However, you need to be careful. Although leave-on products can do a lot of great things, if you are like us and get too excited about using high strength ingredients often, you may end up over-exfoliating. This will only make keratosis pilaris worse. Do not be afraid to do patch tests and use sunscreen as a follow-up.

Hydrating body creams

Experts agree that exfoliating is not a good idea if your skin doesn’t get the hydration it needs. There are many products on the market so you can find the right body lotion or moisturizer for your skin. For the colder months, you can choose a cream that is light or thicker, or creams with rich oils to nourish your skin.

Is it possible to find a permanent solution?

Our experts suggest that you consider in-clinic procedures like fractional CO2, pulsed laser and chemical peels to treat and prevent keratosis pilaris. Ranka says microdermabrasion can soften rough edges and then a peel can improve bumpy appearance by up to 40%-50%. Both dermatologists agree laser hair reduction is the best option.

“The root cause of this problem being the hair follicle is the laser hair reduction, like permanently damaging the hair follicle — then the keratosis will improve itself,” says Ranka.

Shirolikar recommends skipping long, hot showers as they can dry out the skin. This condition can be exacerbated by waxing or shaving, especially if you do it in the opposite direction to the hair follicle.

She also said that misdiagnosis for keratosis is common. Many people mistakenly believe they have keratosis. In fact, it could be an infection. You should monitor it. If it is spreading, inflamed, terribly itchy, and has fever, you may need to see a doctor.

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