Find out what gold is and how to use it in skincare.

Gold is not only for jewelry but also on the shelf of your skincare products. Gold-infused products are often dismissed as a gimmick. However, they can provide the magic (24K) that is missing from your beauty routine.

There are many different forms of gold in skincare. Colloidal gold, which is made up of tiny particles suspended in a liquid (usually water), is the main ingredient found in products containing gold. It can reduce inflammation and redness. It also fights aging and encourages the healing of the skin.

The purest form is 24K gold. Add it to moisturizers, masks, patches, and other products to address everything from uneven skin texture to collagen depletion. This multitasking master can help regenerate the skin, reduce oxidative stresses, and slow collagen depletion.

Also, brands are mining for golden ingredients to add them into bottles. Gold heptapeptide, for example, is a collagen-boosting ingredient that softens fine lines and wrinkles dramatically by penetrating deep into the skin’s layers. Gold’s influence is growing. Find out how to include this precious metal in your daily routine.

Omorovicza Gold Line

What is the best way to bring gold into your daily life? Choose a line that suits your needs and make product swaps. Or, try them all. Omorovicza has a colloidal gold-infused anti-aging line that includes an eye cream, healing lotion, lifting masks, skin-strengthening drops at night, and a revitalizing face cream. Each product uses the healing power of gold in order to restore elasticity and heal microdamage. It can also strengthen thin, crepey skin.

Chantecaille Gold Recover Intense Concentrate AM/PM

The price is indeed high, but it’s gold. The nightly regimen, which lasts a month, harnesses gold heptapeptide’s powerful effects and a variety of activities to provide the ultimate therapeutic therapy. With nightly use, fine lines, fatigue, and elasticity will be reduced.

Chantecaille 24 Karat Gold Firming Moisturizer

Want to start small but pack a big punch? With just a couple of pumps of the gold heptapeptide moisturizer, you can achieve more youthful, supple skin. The formula contains pure gold, botanical stem cells, and peptides to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Peter Thomas Roth Pure Luxury Lift and Firm Hydra-Gel Eye Patches in 24K Gold

In just 10 minutes, 24K gold and colloidal silver work together to firm and refresh the delicate eye contour. The golden ingredients work together to reduce the loss of collagen brighten, and calm the skin. Humectants such as hyaluronic acids, which are added, also soothe and hydrate.

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