Best Body Care Tips

Moisturizing is good for you, they say. Can there be too much good? What is the limit? Continue reading to learn about skincare tips. All your skin problems can be solved with this simple solutionMoisturizing needs vary according to skin type, age group, and lifestyle. Dry air, hot water, soaps, and itchy clothing can also cause dry skin and harsh winters. Moisturizers can replenish the skin’s natural lipids, but too much moisturizer may cause skin problems.

  • Face You may have thought that over-using creams and moisturizers were a good idea, especially in winter, but we say “not necessarily.” Excessive creams can cause winter acne; white spots are dead skin cells trapped under the skin. Use Fem fairness’ naturals bleach without ammonia, which works in three steps to deep clean and remove dead skin cells that accumulate in winter. It also lightens the skin and removes tanning. Follow up with a light moisturizing cream like Dabur Gulabari moisturizing gel daily instead of heavy cream if you are prone to acne. To avoid dryness, dab moisturizer on your face at regular intervals. Gulabari rosewater is also an excellent tip to get glowing skin. Remember that oily skin absorbs less product than dry skin. Warm up the lotion by rubbing a small amount on your palms before you apply it. It will spread more quickly and absorb better into your skin.
  • Body: Your body, whether it is visible or not, needs to be moisturized. The most crucial tip for skin care is to water as soon as possible after you exit the bath. Apply moisturizer within three minutes after towel drying for maximum hydration. Rub in all the moisturizers to avoid any residue. Exfoliating your skin will cause it to need more moisture. However, applying more than you need can lead to more skin problems, such as body acne.
  • Lips Dry Lips? You have a bad habit of wetting your lips too much. You’re making your lips even dryer. Applying more lip balm won’t help. Why? This will prevent your lips’ skin from producing its oil. Too much grease can also cause small spots to appear around the lips. You don’t need more skin problems. Choose a balm enriched with Vitamin E, made with beeswax, and of good quality. A pea-sized amount is sufficient.
  • Dry hair: Do you have dry hair? You’ve probably been told to apply conditioner or massage with hot oil. How much you use depends on the amount of hair that you have. Never use serum, oil, and conditioner at the same. This will make your hair and roots limp. Over-conditioned hair will also make your style last less. For example, Dabur Vatika olive Enriched Oil is non-sticky to help you maintain your hairdo. Have you tried it yet?


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