10 Quick Tips for Mastering a Flawless Foundation

Have you ever wondered why your skin never looks as flawless despite the fact that you have invested in foundations that promise to give you a photo-filtered finish? It’s not just your foundation but also how you prepare your skin and apply your makeup!

Continue reading to discover our 10 top tips for creating a flawless makeup base – the secret weapon of a radiant, smooth complexion.

Invest in quality

Quality is important when it comes to foundation. Please save your money and spend it on a high-quality brand. The foundations that are of high quality tend to be more durable, have better coverage, and are less likely to cause breakouts and clog the pores.

Select the correct type.

There are foundations for all skin types and needs, from matte foundations to tinted moisturizers, oil-free or liquid, powders to sticks, and many more. But with so many choices, it can be not easy to know which one is best for you. Knowing your skin’s needs and what you want to achieve will help determine the type of foundation that is right for you. Oily skin? Choose a matte finish foundation if your skin feels dehydrated. Try a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. There are also mineral formulations! Click here for more information about choosing the best makeup base for you.

Choose the right shade.

It’s a daunting task to choose the right shade of foundation when you have so many to choose from! You want to pick a shade of foundation that matches your skin’s undertones. You can choose between a ‘warm or cool’ shade. If you have a warmer complexion, choose a foundation shade with yellow undertones. For a cooler face, go for a pink-toned foundation. Cooler undertones are usually found in people with purplish or blue veins. Your veins will look greenish if they are not blue.

Select two shades you believe are close to your skin tone. Instead of testing the shades on your arm, swipe the shades down your cheek and towards your jawline. You want the shadow that appears to disappear!

Prep your skin

It’s time to apply your flawless foundation now that you’ve selected the shade and foundation. But before you start, you need to know why correct skincare preparation is so important. It allows you to apply the product perfectly!

To ensure that your skin is hydrated and smooth, it’s important first to cleanse, tone, and moisturize. These steps will not only make it easier to apply makeup, but they also promote healthy skin over time.

Prime time is now.

A makeup primer will help to even out your skin tone, even if you have a strict skincare regimen. Makeup primers provide the perfect foundation for a seamless application of foundation, free from any patches. It is important to use a primer because its main purpose is to smooth out your skin in order to apply your foundation. A primer will also make your makeup last longer.

Choose a primer to address your skin concerns. This could be hydration, mattifying, or color correction. These are our top picks:

Dry skin and sensitive skin

Choose a primer with multi-functions that can hydrate, firm, and plump the skin while keeping makeup in place. Try the Retexturizing Facial Primer. This lightweight, soothing serum not only feels like silk on the skin, but it also helps to protect, condition, blur, and smooth out skin imperfections! This will make you look like a filtered beauty, and your makeup will last for hours!

Combination skin with oily skin

We recommend the Pore Perfecting Face Primer if your skin is oily. It not only keeps makeup in place but also fights shine and absorbs excess oils. It also reduces pores so that your foundation looks flawless and smooth! Genius!

It is important to use the right makeup tools.

If you want to take your foundation game up a notch, investing in the best makeup tools is the way to go. The key to a flawless base is the ability to blend. A foundation that’s not integrated well can appear heavy and unnatural.

You can achieve the desired airbrushed look by using a beauty blender. A beauty blender allows you to get every part of your face. Try ELES Pro-Blender Sponge

Gradually increase the intensity.

When it comes to foundation, less is more. To avoid a cakey foundation, start with a small amount of product and gradually increase it. You can always add extra effect, but once you’ve applied it, it is difficult to remove.

Conceal with Care

Although the foundation is great for evening-out skin tones, it may not completely cover all imperfections. To treat blemishes and dark circles, use a creamy, highly pigmented Concealer. Blend the concealer gently with a beauty blender or brush for a seamless look.

Set, set, set.

It’s now time to set your work in place by lightly dusting it with transparent powder. This helps to control excessive oil and keep your foundation in place throughout the day. Moderation is the key to avoiding a powdery and flat look.

  1. Do not forget to take care of your neck.

Last but not least, blend your foundation all the way down to your neck for a seamless transition from your face to your body.

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