This monsoon, you must have essential hair products.

Do you feel like your hair is dull, lifeless, and always dry? Do you still have unmanageable hair, even after spending a fortune on expensive treatments? When you walk out the door, does it look like a lioness’s mane? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is likely that you are suffering from the monsoon blues. The increased humidity levels cause a lot of sweating. This makes the hair and scalp limp and dull. Weather conditions during monsoon have a significant impact on hair and scalp. You can’t control the weather, but you can control its effects on your scalp. Avoid excessive chemically-treated hair products to keep your hair soft, bouncy, and healthy in the rainy seasons. Hair products in supermarkets and department stores may seem like the perfect solution for your hair problems, but they are only sometimes the best.

Before applying any hair product, it is essential to understand your hair type. The monsoon strips your scalp of its natural moisture, leaving it itchy and dry. Hair products unsuitable for your hair type will cause your scalp to react. We have compiled a list of hair products that are essential to your monsoon care kit. Follow our advice to get compliments on your beautiful hair.

Hair oil for dry hair:

  1. Oil for dry scalp is essential all year long, but during the monsoon, it helps fight dullness, itching, or dandruff, which are caused by higher humidity levels in the air. You should be even more careful if you have a dehydrated scalp. A good hair oil that is natural, safe, and high-quality should be kept on hand for a dry scalp. Hair oils specially formulated for dry scalp keep the scalp hydrated. To have healthy, beautiful, and strong hair, gently massage the oil into the scalp regularly.

Mild shampoo to treat oily hair

  1. Oily scalp sufferers can be in for a nightmare during the monsoon. Many hair products claim to be able to help you in times of crisis, but few can treat your hair problems, especially during the monsoons. Avoid limp, dull hair by washing your scalp with gentle hair products. They will also reduce the greasiness on the scalp. Dabur Vatika Hair Fall Treatment Shampoo This shampoo is enriched in hibiscus and fenugreek, which help to reduce oil secretion. This shampoo is great for fighting hair breakage and hair loss. This product helps to maintain the natural oil balance of your scalp, giving you thicker and stronger hair.


  1. Using a conditioner to control your frizzy and unruly hair is always a good idea. Lack of moisture in the air can cause hair to fizz. Always follow your hair-washing routine and apply a good conditioner to prevent this. This will replenish your hair’s essential nutrients.

Wide toothed comb

  1. It would help if you always carried a wide-toothed comb during the monsoon. It detangles wet hair without damaging the cuticles or causing breakage. As humidity is common during monsoon, combing hair with a wide-toothed comb won’t make it look flat but will instead add volume and bounce.

Hair serum:

  1. Controlling hair during the monsoon can be difficult, especially if your hair tends to frizz up. Hair serums can help you win the war against frizz and keep your hair looking glossy. These serums contain silicone, which creates a protective film on the hair surface that protects against heat and moisture. Regularly using these serums replenishes all the lost oils, giving your hair a healthy shine and bounce.


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