Rosemary: 5 Benefits to Hydrate Your Skin

You might know rosemary as an aromatic, bold ingredient that gives your favorite dishes a unique flavor. You may have used the woodsy aroma of rosemary in aromatherapy for stress relief and mental clarity. These aren’t all of the powerful health benefits that rosemary can provide.

Its active compounds, which give the herb flavor and fragrance, also have properties that can benefit skincare and cosmetics.

Our Skin Health Experts explain how rosemary’s properties help your skin maintain clean pores, a healthy tone, and hydration.

Use Rosemary in Skin Care

You can find rosemary extract and oil in many skin care products and cosmetics, ranging from simple soaps to complex hydrating serums. Rosemary oil is a great way to add aromatherapy to your skin care products. However, rosemary can do so much more for the skin’s health. In skin care, it is known by its scientific name, Rosmarinus officinalis rosemary leaf extraction.

Try rosemary as a skincare ingredient.

Rosemary can reduce inflammation and redness.

Rosemary has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can be beneficial to the skin. The active compounds found in rosemary can help soothe inflammation and reduce redness.

These compounds can also suppress acne-related inflammation, which helps to fight acne-causing bacteria. In turn, reducing acne-related swelling and puffiness can relieve some skin conditions.

Rosemary can help improve skin elasticity.

Rosmarinic Acid is another skin-supporting compound found in rosemary. What is so special about rosmarinic Acid?

It boosts collagen, which is a critical component in the elasticity and firmness of your skin. Collagen naturally decreases with age. You may notice a difference in your skin’s suppleness using rosemary products.

Rosemary can help to clear skin and minimize blemishes.

In addition to being anti-inflammatory and astringent, rosemary can also be used for skin tone evenness and cleaning the pores.

Keep your pores clean to allow the other products in your routine to work well. As an ingredient in a toner, the astringent properties of rosemary help remove dirt and grime, allowing moisturizers to penetrate deeply into your skin and lock in moisture and nourishment.

Rosemary encourages more hydration of the skin.

The rosemary plant, which looks more like a dry, prickly pine than a weeping willow that loves water, can help to maintain and encourage proper skin hydration.

In dermatology, rosemary balances sebum to keep your skin’s oils at baseline. This results in hydrated skin that is not too oily. In addition, as an antioxidant, it can protect your skin cells against damage and help them maintain their natural hydration level.

Rosemary can help treat dry, itchy scalp skin.

Rosemary has skin benefits that aren’t just for your visible skin. The skin under your hair (i.e., The herb can also be used to restore the scalp.

Shampoos and conditioners containing rosemary leaf oil or extract can soothe itchy, dry scalp skin. This can, in turn, encourage the growth and development of thick, luxurious hair. You can create your rosemary hair rinse and use rosemary-infused hair care products. This will help activate hair follicles.

How to use Rosemary for Hydrated skin

Are you interested in the revitalizing properties of rosemary? In skin care, find products containing herb extract and other powerful ingredients such as hyaluronic acids and alga. We recommend:

  • Recharging Serum This product fights dehydration by hydrating the skin with dual-weighted hyaluronic acids and rosemary leaf extract. This product improves skin dullness and fatigue.
  • Recharging Water Creme– This cream is designed to combat skin dehydration that can be difficult to overcome. It works to soften the skin and restore its natural glow. Combine it with HydraKate Recharging Serum for a double dose of long-lasting hydration.


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