Product to care for your child’s curly or oily hair

I would be lying if, as a Black mother of an Afro-Latina daughter, I said my child’s hair is a breeze. There are indeed times when I get emotional before I start detangling.

My little Tay Tay is sporting a beautiful head of inky black corkscrew curly hair. She’s a 3B on the scale. This puts her in between my husband, who is Puerto Rican (2B), and myself (4A/B). In theory, I should be able to handle her hair easily since I am used to working with my curly, kinky hair.

It’s not. Tay-Tay does this repeatedly throughout the day. I find food, dust, and even snot when I untangle the mop.

Most of the time, my girl wears a top knot. As much as I love the curls in her hair, it is not fun to spend up to 45 minutes untangling them while she cries and fights.

Understanding curly hair

It can be daunting for parents who have never worked with curly hair, such as a white parent with a mixed-race child.

Let’s begin by saying there is no “biracial hair type.” A child’s not guaranteed to have curly or wavy hair just because their parent has Black ancestry.

As your child grows older, their hair can also change. My daughter was born with stick-straight hair, but curls began to appear by the time she reached 6 or 8 months of age.

As a parent, you must teach your children how to care for their hair. Not only will it look good, it will also help them to love and care for it.

Ingredients you should avoid and ingredients to look out for

You’ll want to use products that moisturize your hair and avoid anything that might dry it out or make it droop.

Asking people with similar hair types, such as friends or relatives, for advice is an excellent place to start.

Look for products that contain:

  • Natural butter like Shea ButterCocoa Butter, and Mango butter
  • Oils like coconut (Moroccan) oil and jojoba (sunflower) oil.
  • Water or aloe vera for moisture retention
  • Damage repair using silk protein or wheat proteins

Avoid products containing alcohol, as they will cause your child’s locks to become frizzy and dry.

You should also avoid using shampoos or conditioners containing sulfates and phthalates.

Why do we choose these hair products?

Given all the above, I have compiled a list of great hair products for curly-headed people. These products are mild, perfect for children — particularly wriggly infants and toddlers — as they rely on moisturizing ingredients.

Products to Care for Curly or Coiling Hair

Best for detangling

Uddiee hair detangling brush

Curlies agree that the right brush will help you cut your detangling time by half. This brush has a flexible bristle and an open slot. It is very forgiving. The non-slip handle is ideal for hair thoroughly saturated with detanglers or conditioners.

It will not snag on your child’s hair (or yours) because it works gently through the knots. This brush is a must-have for anyone who works with hair of any type, whether type 2, type 4, or a combination.

Leave in Detangler Today to Untangle Kinky-Curly Knot

This detangler by Kinky-Curly doubles as a leave-in conditioner. It is made with natural ingredients such as organic mango fruit and organic slippery elm.

It’s great for adding moisture to your hair, but you’ll also appreciate that you can apply it damp and get an extra slip. This is perfect when you have a head of tangles. This pick will also help you define your curls, a common complaint among people with type 3 and type 4 hair.

Best for moisture retention

NUELE Hair Serum

It’s pricey. This pick from NUELE, however, is a clean beauty product that contains a blend of five oils designed to restore and enrich your hair throughout the day. This serum is designed to moisturize hair, preferably damp. It will prevent it from becoming frizzy or dry.


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