Minimalism, the latest trend in achieving glowing skin, is here!

Minimalism, a trend sweeping the internet, requires you to use fewer products to achieve glowing skin; how it works.

In the past few years, more skincare products have been on the market. Combining this with the influence of the Korean Beauty Movement and their 10-step routine has led to a longer and more complex skincare regime. There is a new way to simplify your life and change this trend. Say “hello” to minimalism.

What is skinimalism ?

Minimalism combines the words “skin” and “minimalism” and is a new skincare approach. It gained its first popularity on the social media platform TikTok. It’s all about using fewer skincare products to achieve the same result as a lengthy routine. Most of them don’t spend much time on their skin.

You can still provide the skin with the nutrients it needs without using many products. By applying layer after layer, you are putting your skin at risk for irritation or breakouts. When you use a lot, it is harder to tell which products your skin dislikes.

You can deliver more active ingredients to your skin by switching from generic products to medical-grade skincare. They may be slightly more expensive, but these products have been created by professionals or with their help to ensure their effectiveness. You only need to use them consistently and correctly!

Minimalism encourages people to reduce the number of products they use in their skincare regimen. In the morning, you only need to apply a moisturizer, sunscreen, and an antioxidant serum. You only need a cleanser that exfoliates, a topical or serum to combat signs of aging, and a night cream. It may take more time to read the labels of ingredients to ensure you are using those that work, but once you have a simple routine down pat, you will have more time to yourself.

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