Major SkincareCare Mistakes To Avoid

Many of us tend to overlook the basics of skincare that are necessary for healthy skin. What would you do if your skin went wrong? There’s no need to panic because we can help you with a few easy solutions that will improve your skin! You may be surprised by these five homemade and natural tips for skin care. Learn how to correct the most common skincare mistakes quickly.

  1. How to wash your face without removing makeup
  2. Why wipe off makeup if you can use face wash to remove it? Nope. You can’t. No way! If you don’t remove your makeup, you’ll end up with this. Makeup on your skin all day will mix with your facewash and seep into your pores. It’s not rocket science. Use makeup removal wipes to clean your face, then cleanse with your cleanser.
  3. Exfoliating Too Much or Too Little
  4. No matter how much you exfoliate, your skin will never be smooth and soft. There are usually two types of people who exfoliate: those who don’t exfoliate at all and those who exfoliate like crazy. What people need to learn is that balance is critical to perfecting exfoliation. Homemade exfoliators are the easiest way to find your perfect exfoliation balance. These exfoliators are gentle enough to be used daily and will ensure you don’t scrub too hard!
  5. Too often, washing your face.
  6. Washing your face during a bad breakout is not suitable for you. Washing too often can dry out the skin and cause it to produce more oil. Uh oh! You may not need to wash it in the morning if you have an oily complexion. You can wash your face with Water and then apply Dabur Gulabari rose Water to it for a fresh and light feeling.
  7. Dehydration
  8. It is not true that a little extra lotion can cause acne or make breakouts heal slower. The more you dry your face, the more oil will be produced.
  9. Replace those pillowcases
  10. Stop blaming your acne on the new foundation or face cream. Our pillowcase could be the culprit. Unwashed pillows can cause breakouts. Over time, dust can accumulate on your pillowcase and harm your skin. Even if your hair is wet or dry when you sleep, the product you used 10 hours earlier can seep through your pillowcase. This will cause breakouts along your cheeks. Make sure to change your pillowcase every two or three days.


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