How to Use Oxybleach on the Face

Oxygen, it is evident, is essential for the human body. Did you know it also plays a vital role in maintaining skin vitality? Skin that lacks Oxygen can look drained, saggy, and wrinkled. When the idea was proposed to make skin supple by injecting Oxygen under pressure, it immediately became a rage. One of the most popular and successful skin treatments is oxygen therapy. Anti-aging skincare tips Oxygen Therapy is gaining popularity rapidly because celebrities use it. All these celebrities, whether Madonna, Brad Pit, or Gwyneth, consider it one of their favorite skin care treatments. The oxygen facial is a great way to protect our skin from harmful environmental pollutants. What if we were told that Oxygen is a more effective and faster way to achieve glowing, youthful skin like celebrities? OxyLife is the original oxygen bleach that makes you glow within 15 minutes. Oxy Life is enriched with active Oxygen, a post-bleach skin serum, and dead skin cell removal. It solves skin issues like dark spots, uneven tone, dullness, sun tan, and dead skin cells.

How do you use Oxy Bleach on your face?

OxyLife releases pure Oxygen as soon as it is applied to the skin. The micro-structurants in the scientifically developed bleach prevent Oxygen released from escaping to the atmosphere and carry it with the active ingredients directly into your skin. The Oxygen in Oxy Life nourishes energizes, and protects the skin. It also makes it bloom naturally. Oxy Life is a skin care treatment that you must try!

Steps for Oxyrich skin:

Step 1- Cleanse the face with plain water.

Step 2: Mix creme bleach with the powder activator at a ratio of 7 to 1.

Step 3. Mix the activator with the creme using the spatula for 2 minutes until the powder activator is completely dissolved.

Step 4: Apply the mixture to the area that needs bleaching. Avoid applying the mixture to the eyebrows or around the eyes.

Step 5. Leave it on for the recommended amount of time. (Up to 10 minutes if you have darker skin, 15 minutes if you have wheatish skin, and more than 15 minutes if you are fairer).

Step 6: Rinse off with cold water.

Step 8 – Apply a post-bleach skin serum to the area that has been bleached, and you will see an instant radiance.

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