How to Look Gorgeous Overnight

You may skip your beauty routine every morning because you rush to work or college. When you arrive home each evening, your skincare routine is usually the last thing you think about. You still want to achieve that elusive glow. What do you do now? Here are seven easy tips for skin and hair care that will help you save time and wake up to beautiful glowing skin.

Evening cleanseThe main problem when following a skincare routine before bedtime is that you are tired and sleepy. Here’s an evening skin care tip: start early. If you arrive home at 7 pm and wash your face immediately, then it’s a good idea to do so. Better to wash up before than later! Remove all makeup and sunscreen residues, wash your face, then let it breathe. Night creams are best applied to a clean look.

Bedtime Moisturising

Some people don’t apply heavy creams at night because they prefer their skin to breathe. Your skin will not benefit from skipping. When your skin is clean and scrubbed, it will absorb creams better. Wash your face with Dabur Gulabari rose water, then apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin and the season. You can use homemade night cream to wake up with glowing skin.

Eye Creme

Consider adding an eye cream to the routine if you’re in your 20s. Never apply eye cream close to your lash line. Your eyelashes will pick up the product, transfer it to your eye, and then gradually deposit it. This can lead to infections and puffiness. You don’t want to do that!

Hand Grain

Hand cream acne can occur if you touch your face during sleep. Follow this tip for skin care – avoid using heavy cream, or wear cotton gloves so your hand cream does not rub off your face.

A Hundred Brushes

Like your skin, your hair is exposed to many things during the day: pollution, hair sprays, clinching clips, hair ties, etc. Brush your hair every night and tie it in a loose bun. Sleeping with your hair open can cause acne if you suffer from dandruff.

Change Pillowcases

It is essential to keep your pillowcase clean. Many night creams can be rubbed off your pillow while you sleep, which can cause acne and dandruff. Use a silk pillowcase made of fine, soft material that won’t harm your hair or skin. This is a great tip for hair and skin care.

Beauty Rest

It is a fact that getting enough rest every night has many benefits for your skin. It helps regulate your body’s functions. It makes you look pale and flushed and has dark circles, red eyes, eye bags, and dark circles.


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