Easy Steps to Apply Eye Makeup for Wide-Set Eyes

Mastering the art of eye makeup is the most important step in creating a unique appearance. You must focus your attention on the inner part of the eye when applying makeup to wide-set, elongated eyes. Your entire appearance can be transformed if your eye makeup is flawless. We will now learn how to do eye makeup for eyes with wide-set pupils.

Begin by shaping your eyebrows.

The eyes will appear larger when you have thick and filled eyebrows. The gap between the eyebrows should be reduced. It can be achieved by slightly bringing both brows inwards. Use brow pomade to create a natural look by using gentle strokes that look like hair.

Use Neutral Colors on the Eyelids:

For perfect eye contouring, apply a neutral color to the eyelids. Extend it slightly beyond the outer corner and just above the crease. Use primary colors such as light brown or Champaign on the eyelid.

Lower Lash Line

Apply a thin color line beneath the eye using a thin brush. It should be the same color you used on your eyelid.

The Inner Corners of the Eye

Blend a darker color, such as dark brown, towards the inner corner and then fade it outwards. Blend inwards. It’s the opposite of what you’re used to. The inner corner is the focus of the eye, making it appear narrow.

Focus Your Eyes

Use a color in the middle, below the browbone, to direct the eye towards the pupil. Blend the stain with your crease for a flawless finish. Tap a dark color on the inner corner of your eye and then extend it into the middle to create the illusion that the eyes are closer together. Avoid wing eyeliner.

Apply Mascara

The darker shade makes the inner corners of the eyes appear closer.

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